Kelly Pavlik vs. Marco Antonio Rubio

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Kelly Pavlik 159 lbs beat Marco Antonio Rubio 160 lbs by RTD at 3:00 in round 9 of 12



Pavlik came out very active in the first round, doubling up with the jab and left hands to the head and body. In the final minute, Pavlik landed two huge right hands that stunned Rubio and drove him back to the ropes. In the second round, Rubio appeared to be very defensive of Pavlik's power, as Pavlik continued to move forward with power shots. Rubio began to throw more punches in the third round, but Pavlik would drill him back with the jab and right hands. The left eye of Pavlik began to swell up after a Rubio right hand. Pavlik fired back with combinations to the head and body. They traded some punches in the fourth round, but Pavlik's shots were much harder and forced Rubio to retreat. The fifth round was a blowout with Pavlik beating Rubio around from post to post. In the sixth round, Rubio tried to stage a rally and actually began to trade punches with Pavlik. Rubio continued to stand his ground in the seventh round, as Pavlik was pounding him with much harder and much better shots. Rubio tried to counter and punch, but was never able to get off with too many shots. During the eight round, Pavlik stunned Rubio badly with a right hand and the two of the them would trade big shots against the ropes for the final thirty seconds. Pavlik continued to let his hands go in the ninth round, picking his shots and punishing Rubio. The ninth round was another dominant round for Pavlik as landed numerous punches on Rubio. Before the start of the tenth round, Rubio's corner stopped the fight.

  • HBO Stats: Total Blows- Pavlik 146/695 21%, Rubio 82/351 23%; Power Blows- Pavlik 70/356 20%; Rubio 32/154 21%.

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