Alexander Povetkin vs. Marco Huck

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CompuBox Punchstats
Total Punches Povetkin Huck
Landed 172 165
Thrown 561 468
Pct. 31% 35%
Jabs Povetkin Huck
Landed 41 79
Thrown 213 266
Pct. 19% 30%
Power Punches Povetkin Huck
Landed 131 86
Thrown 348 202
Pct. 38% 43%

Alexander Povetkin 229 lbs beat Marco Huck 209 lbs by MD in round 12 of 12


  • Alexander Povetkin 23-0 (16 KOs) vs. Marco Huck 34-1 (25 KOs)
  • Povetkin entered as the # 3 heavyweight in the world according to The Ring Magazine. Huck, who was fighting for the first time as a heavyweight, was unranked by the same publication.
  • At 229 1/4 lbs, Povetkin was 26 pounds heavier than any opponent Huck had faced in his professional career to date. At 209 1/2 lbs., Huck was 11 pounds heavier than in his previous bout four months earlier.
  • Huck entered as a 2.5/1 betting underdog.
  • Povetkin was trained for the bout by Alexander Zimin after normal trainer Teddy Atlas was unable to attend camp. Atlas claimed that "when Friday Night Fights is in season, he can’t and won’t take time off to do training camps overseas. He says that Team Povetkin was made aware of this non-negotiable, and agreed to it. But then they surprised him by asking him to come to Russia to train Povetkin for this Huck scrap." He said he was not able and the Povetkin camp proceeded with the bout. Atlas claimed that he would not watch the fight. [1]
  • Among those in attendace were Yoan Pablo Hernandez, Arthur Abraham and Dereck Chisora.
  • Povetkin admitted in the post-fight interview that he expected the fight to be easier than it was and could not explain his rapid tiring midway through the bout.
  • Atlas later said he scored the bout 8-4 in favor of Huck and questioned the legitimacy of the match feeling that the referee Luis Pabon overly-injected himself into the fight, saved povetkin at times and kept Huck from fighting on the inside.
  • The fight generated an average 7.31 million viewers on Das Erste.

Bout Summary

Huck was warned in the tentative opening round for using his forearm in a clinch. A small cut opening on Huck's lip in the round. In rounds 2 and 3, Povetkin began to land more effectively and evaded the majority of Huck's attack. In Round 4, a left hand caught Povetkin coming forward and staggered him backward. He maintained his feet, however, and avoided a followup barrage by Huck. Huck was warned in Round 4 for pressing down on the back of Povetkin's head. He was also warned for a punch landed to the back of Povetkin's head. Huck was warned again in Round 7 for pressing down on the back of a tiring Povetkin's head while punching. Povetkin was staggered in Round 7 by a right hand but retreated, covered and was able to keep his feet as Huck came forward and threw. Huck was warned in Round 11 again for pressing down on Povetkin's head. Also in the Round 11, a cut opened above the already swollen right eye of Huck that would stream down the side of his face for the remainder of the bout. Huck probably landed the better shots, but Povetkin earned rounds by coming forward and pressing the action and outworking his opponent. Many later argued, Atlas included, that the referee Luis Pabon helped Povetkin by breaking the fighters when not necessary and and in instances where Povetkin may have been hurt.