James Kirkland vs. Carlos Molina

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CompuBox Punchstats
Total Punches Kirkland Molina
Landed 102 151
Thrown 526 443
Pct. 19% 34%
Jabs Kirkland Molina
Landed 12 13
Thrown 119 70
Pct. 10% 19%
Power Punches Kirkland Molina
Landed 90 138
Thrown 407 373
Pct. 22% 37%

James Kirkland 154 lbs beat Carlos Molina 154 lbs by DQ at 3:00 in round 10 of 12



Molina was knocked down in the final seconds of the tenth round. As Molina was knocked down while the timekeeper ringed the bell, one of Molina's cornermen thought the round was over and briefly hopped in and out of the ring. But at this moment, referee Jon Schorle was still giving Molina the mandatory eight count. Under Texas rules, however, if a fighter is knocked down at the end of the round the round ends once the fighter rises to his feet, not when the normal 8 count is concluded. Despite that rule the referee decided to disqualify Molina.


Kirkland suffered two tears in his right shoulder during the bout which required surgery. At the time, it was expected to require two months of rehabilitation and Kirkland would be out of the gym for a minimum of three months.[1]

Post-Fight Quotes

  • “I felt that if had gone on to the 11th or 12th round it was going to be over. His ass was on the ground already and I got stronger in the fight. I was going to bring it in the next round. I would give Molina the first 10 seconds of the next round and then I was going to take him out anyway. I didn’t think I needed a knockout at that point in the fight. I was just going to keep bringing my punches together and continue with the game plan. The second time around, I’m going to do what it takes to make it a fight that is not even close. Ann was telling me to not hold back and put that pop on him. She was trying to motivate me to get him out of there and not play with him. If Molina, wants to go again, than I don’t mind whooping his ass again. I don’t care. My job is to train and get ready for the opponent the team puts in front of me.” - James Kirkland.
  • “I felt good, I was ready to go, I was ready to fight. He caught me with a shot, the bell rang, I got up, I didn’t think there was anything wrong. He can say what he wants, I would fight him right now, and he knows that he didn’t knock me down. He knows that he was losing the fight.” - Carlos Molina.
  • “I wish the fight would have gone on for the twelve rounds. This is not what I wanted to happen. I do want people to know that this was a dog fight and Molina was holding and head-butting and I was getting tired of it. I told James, that since he wants to make a dog fight out of it, you do the same thing.” - Kirkland trainer Ann Wolfe.
  • “I personally don’t like the outcome of the Kirkland-Molina fight. It’s not good for boxing because those are the type of decisions people just don’t want to see and are tired of, including myself. It was a stoppage that you can argue it both ways. The corner should have not been in the ring and that is an automatic DQ. The referee is in charge of the match. I heard the bell ring, but he was still counting Molina as well. That was a tough call to end the bout, things like this look bad on boxing. It was a good fight that was about to turn into a great fight and we as fans were robbed of that. Both teams need to sit down and see what the best thing to do is. I would like to see him fight Molina again. Kirkland wants to fight for a world title so there are some possibilities that we need to talk about.” - promoter Oscar De La Hoya. [2]