George Dixon vs. Cal McCarthy (1st meeting)

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George Dixon 114 lbs drew with Cal McCarthy 114 lbs by PTS in round 70

  • Date: 1890-02-07
  • Location: Union AC, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
  • Referee: Al Smith

After witnessing his fighter annhiliate the game foe who stood up to McCarthy for 21 rounds, Tom O'Rourke and George Dixon had a right to a title fight with McCarthy. Approximately one month after the Hornbacker bout, Dixon found himself in the ring with champion Cal McCarthy at exactly midnight in Boston. The fight was scheduled for an earlier time before an editor of a newspaper called "The Record" who happened to dislike the sport tried to delay it by attacking the referee. Finally, when order was restored, the long awaited bout took place. The bout was a vicous, temolteous affair for the 70 rounds it lasted until a draw was agreed by the two exhausted combatents. In the ninth, a big left to the nose of McCarthy forced him to his knees. McCarthy went down once more in the tenth on a right. McCarthy's nose began to bleed from Dixon's assault in the twelfth. McCarthy, a relentless and determined champion, really pressed the fight to Dixon after the battering he took in the ninth, tenth, and 12th rounds and worried all of Dixon's backers including Tom O'Rourke. Wrestling and clutching tactics were also used by McCarthy to try to wear down his difficult challenger. In the 62nd, however, Dixon caught McCarthy with a right which sent him to his knees but when McCarthy arrose, again he wrestled Dixon out of frustration. Only this time referee Al Smith gave McCarthy a warning. It was obvious in the 65th that both men were too weary to put up much of a fight. In the 70th, Jimmy Colville questioned both fighters on whether they wanted to continue and both didn't so this resulted in a draw. Both men slugged it out for a total of four hours and forty minutes!

Source: "Black Dynamite Volume III: The Three Colored Aces" By Nat Fleischer