Lucas Matthysse vs. John Molina Jr.

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Matthysse lands a Hook on a bloody Molina.

Lucas Martin Matthysse 140 lbs beat John Molina Jr 139 lbs by KO at 0:22 in round 11 of 12


  • Matthysse $200,000 U.S.
  • Molina $200,000 U.S.


  • This fight was named The Ring Magazine’s Fight of the Year for 2014.
  • Ex-WBC World Light Welterweight champion Matthysse wins WBC Continental Americas 140 lb. title, remains in world title contention.
  • Molina went down in the eighth after a one-two to the jaw and in the tenth due to a flurry of punches by Matthysse.
  • Matthysse was knocked down in the second from a right to the temple and again in the fifth via a right to the back of the head.