James J. Jeffries vs. Peter Jackson

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James J Jeffries 218 lbs beat Peter Jackson 195 lbs by TKO in round 3 of 20

  • Date: 1898-03-22
  • Location: Woodward's Pavilion, San Francisco, California, USA
  • Referee: Jim McDonald

"Jim Jeffries of Los Angeles easily defeated Peter Jackson in the third round tonight at Woodward's Pavilion. Jackson did not make much of a showing after the first round. He displayed some of his old-time cleverness in ducking and jabbing with his left, but could not hit hard enough to stop the rushes of his younger and stronger antagonist. Jeffries showed considerable improvement in cleverness, using his hands with both judgement and precision. The second round was lively until Peter got a hard swing on the jaw, which sent him down on his back. He arose only to go down again from the same blow and was saved by the bell. Jackson came up looking fairly fresh in the third round, but soon received a hard left on the jaw, which made him run helplessly about the ring. Another blow from Jeffries sent him against the ropes, where he hung unable to lift his hands. Jeffries stepped back awaiting the recovery of his opponent, but Peter was plainly out, the referee stepped between them and declared Jeffries the winner."
Lawrence Daily World - March 23, 1898

Other than exhibitions, this was Jackson's first known fight in over five years. BoxRec has Jackson fighting Gustav Wilkie in 1895, but Cyber Boxing Zone claims that was another Peter Jackson.
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