Mike Tyson vs. Mitch Green

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Mike Tyson 215 lbs beat Mitch Green 225 lbs by UD in round 10 of 10


  • Mike Tyson 20-0 (19 KOs) vs. Mitch Green 16-1-1 (10 KOs)
  • Green entered ranked as the # 7 contender by the WBC. Tyson was ranked # 8.
  • Tyson reportedly received $250,000, while Green made $30,000. At the weigh-in for the bout, Green threatened to pull out of the fight wanting more money. [1]
  • A snarling Tyson entered the ring to "Eye of the Tiger".

Bout Summary

HBO Punchstat
Total Punches Tyson Green
Landed 282 130
Thrown 460 314
Pct. 61% 41%

Mike Tyson pressured Green throughout, delivered some smashing blows to the head and body, and won a unanimous decision at Madison Square Garden. Tyson three times knocked out Green's mouthpiece and shook him with short, devastating punches to the head and roadhouse punches to the body. But Green would not go down and several times fought back with flurries as Tyson left himself open. While there were moments of excitement, the fight before a crowd of 6,529 was marked by a lot of clinching and, in the late rounds, there were choruses of boos. Tyson never had Green in danger except once in the early rounds when he doubled Green up with two right hands to the body. In the third, a left hook knocked Green's mouthpiece out of the ring and then in the fourth another left hook by Tyson not only knocked out Green's mouthpiece but also knocked out a section of bridge work Green was wearing and sent in flying several feet to the ring apron.

Source: "Tyson Records 10-Round Win" (1986, May 21). Herald-Journal, p. C2. [2]

1988 Incident

This was not the last time "Iron" Mike and "Blood" Green would meet. In the early morning hours of August 23, 1988, Mike Tyson stopped by Dapper Dans, a Harlem clothing store frequented by a clientele from rap stars to pimps. Tyson was there to pick up a custom-made jacket. Mitch Green happened to be in the area and an argument ensued, in which Green threw a punch and Tyson responded with a straight right landing on the bridge of Green's nose, requiring five stitches. Although Tyson won this second bout, he suffered more in the long run as the bare knuckle punch resulted in a fracture to Tyson's hand causing a postponement of his scheduled first fight with Frank Bruno.