Carlos Ortiz vs. Johnny Busso (1st meeting)

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Carlos Ortiz 137 lbs lost to Johnny Busso 138 lbs by SD in round 10 of 10

"Lightweight contenders Johnny Busso and Carlos Ortiz probably will be rematched for MSG because of the debate over Busso's split verdict victory there last night that tagged Carlos with his first defeat. Busso, a 9-5 underdog, came from behind with long left-right shots to the head to snap his former schoolmate's unbeaten string at 27. There were no knockdowns but Carlos was staggered by a left-right to the chin in the 8th. Busso was well shaken by combinations to body and head in the 2nd, 4th and 5th sessions. Busso suffered slight cuts on his nose and left brow. Ortiz had his left brow nicked in the 6th round." -United Press International

Unofficial scorecards

  • UPI - 6-4 Ortiz
  • AP - 6-4 Busso
  • An unofficial poll of 14 ringside sportswriters had 6 favoring Ortiz, 3 for Busso and 5 scoring it a draw.

Post fight comments

  • "Champion of the East side tonight, champion of the world tomorrow." -Johnny Busso
  • "No, I won't protest the decision. What's the use? But I know I won the fight. I'd have won it going away if the referee hadn't kept breaking us too fast." -Carlos Ortiz
  • "The fight was so good and so close, we'd like a rematch in late August." -Harry Markson, managing director of the IBC