Carlos Ortiz vs. Paolo Rosi

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Carlos Ortiz 136 lbs beat Paolo Rosi 136 lbs by UD in round 10 of 10

"Carlos Ortiz, bleeding from both brows, rose from the canvas in the 9th round and managed to salvage an unpopular, unanimous 10 round decision over Paolo Rosi in their TV fight at MSG Saturday night for the right to a shot at the lightweight crown. Puerto Rico born Ortiz of New York appeared to have an easy contest on his hands because 33 year old Rosi could not find the range and was missing with his Sunday punches. But, after the 4th round, Rosi improved his accuracy and threatened not only to beat 25 year old Ortiz but to knock him out. Rosi scored the only knockdown of the bout when he lifted Ortiz off the floor with a left hook in the 9th round and deposited him on the seat of his trunks on the canvas, badly hurt. Ortiz lurched to his feet immediately; but took the mandatory eight count in woozy fashion." - United Press International

  • Unofficial UPI scorecard - 6-4 Ortiz
  • Unofficial AP scorecard - 5-4-1 Ortiz
  • A poll of 15 ringside reporters had it 9 for Ortiz, 4 for Rosi and 2 had it Even.