Jimmy Wilde vs. Pancho Villa

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Jimmy Wilde vs. Pancho Villa . 568. Fasan.jpg

Jimmy Wilde 110 lbs lost to Pancho Villa 110 lbs by KO in round 7 of 15

  • Date: 1923-06-18
  • Location: Polo Grounds, New York, New York, USA
  • Jimmy Wilde, whose heart weighs about as much as him, decided to battle determined Filipino whirlwind Pancho villa amid more than two years of inactivity. Layoffs had been relatively new to Wilde who previously (previously as in before his professional fighting career) battled in boxing booths 25 times a day against men weighing as much as 170 pounds. Also, in Wilde's most recent bout he showed a tremendous heart in taking a horrible beating to one of the greatest "bantamweights" of all time, Pete Herman. Basically, Wilde was somewhat in over his head in taking the bout. The fight was to take place in The Polo Grounds in New York. This was one of the first times Wilde fought on American soil as well. When the bout started, Wilde understood the consequences of agressively approaching the younger, quicker, and stronger Villa and "The Mighty Atom" dominated on long range. Wilde continued in the second until a vicious right hand after the bell (according to most sources who observed the bout) flattened him. The not-so-mighty "Atom" was badly dazed and fought purely on courage. The pounding continued until an exhausted and battered Wilde fell flat on his face in the seventh round off of a serious of punches. Wilde was counted out and had to be carried back to his corner for the last time in his legendary career. -- Source: Cyber Boxing Zone