Ivan Baranchyk vs. Josh Taylor

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Ivan Baranchyk 140 lbs lost to Josh Taylor 140 lbs by UD in round 12 of 12

Bout Summary

Baranchyk started well. The first four rounds were extremely close with Taylor landing good body shots and Baranchyk landing solid hooks.

Baranchyk had Taylor in a little bit of trouble at the end of the fifth when Taylor was cut around his left eye.

Just when Baranchyk was gaining momentum, Taylor took control. He responded to a cut eye with a sensational sixth round, flooring Baranchyk with a short right hook and then bringing him crashing down again with a precise left-hand flurry. The bell saved the Belarusian.

Taylor walked to his corner, raising an arm aloft to acknowledge the delirium of his fans. He came again in the seventh and had Baranchyk in trouble once more, looking for a moment that he was going to end it there. Baranchyk, a stubborn beast and teak-tough operator, didn't fall. His pride wouldn't allow him.

Baranchyk always carried a threat, right to the last bell. Taylor was on top, easing away on points, but while Baranchyk stood up he had hope. He became wild and flailed for that one blow that would have saved his title, but it never came. Taylor was too elusive, too good. He jabbed his way home. [1]