Marvin Hagler vs. Bobby Watts (1st meeting)

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Hagler-Watts I fight poster.jpg

Marvelous Marvin Hagler 157 lbs lost to Bobby Watts 156 lbs by MD in round 10 of 10


  • "It might not have been the worst decision of all time, but it was a pretty bad one," said J. Russell Peltz, the fight's promoter.
  • "Welcome to Philadelphia, Marvin Hagler!" read the headline in the next morning's Philadelphia Inquirer.
  • The Boston Globe reported: "Marvin Hagler...disproved the invincibility of Philadelphia's middleweights, but he didn't count on the ineptitude of the local judges."
  • "They expressed their opinions. I may have scored it differently. We may have a problem and I'm going to solve it." -Pennsylvania boxing commissioner, Howard McCall, after meeting with the judges.
  • "That's why boxing has a bad name. I never saw anything like it. He didn't take a round from me. All he did was a girl." -Marvin Hagler
  • "I've been judging since 1954. In all those years I've never seen a reporter agree with me. Maybe Watts was bleeding, but from where I saw it, he had the most effective blows. That's why I gave him six rounds." -Judge Earl Vann