Willie Pastrano vs. Joey Maxim

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Pastrano throws a right at Maxim.

Willie Pastrano 176 lbs beat Joey Maxim 183 lbs by UD in round 10 of 10

From The Associated Press:

Young Willie Pastrano, the latest of New Orleans' contributions to boxing, awaited higher rank among light heavyweight contenders today after his convincing victory over former champion Joey Maxim.

The 19-year-old Pastrano, a product of the French Quarter which gave one-time bantamweight king Pete Herman, the Docusen brothers—Bernie and Maxie—and top-ranked lightweight Ralph Dupas to the ring, scored a unanimous decision over the one-time light heavy king from Cleveland last night before 6,500 fans.

Pastrano is unranked among challengers for Archie Moore's title, but Nat Fleischer, editor of the Ring Magazine, was a spectator and said he is convinced the New Orleans stylist belongs in the division's top ten. Fleischer said Pastrano would be ranked in the first division in the next edition of the Ring.

Pastrano weighed in at a surprisingly heavy 176 to offset Maxim's 182. Pastrano paced himself well through the early rounds and piled up a substantial margin, proving a tough target for the former titleholder.

The three officials were in accord on the decision. Judge Lucicn Jaubert and Francis Kercheval both tabbed it 5-4-1 for Pastrano while Referee Eddie (Kid) Wolfe gave Pastrano six rounds, Maxim three and called one even. The AP card also had Pastrano the winner 6-3-1.

After a slow opening round, Pastrano opened up, circling the ring-wise Maxim constantly and scoring with combinations to the head and body. Maxim relentlessly pursued Pastiano in an effort to get in close quarters, but Pastrano quickly moved back to long distance where he proved superior.


  • Pastrano was a 6 to 5 favorite.
  • Maxim's purse was $15,000, and Pastrano's was $7,500.
  • There was a crowd of 3,169, and the net gate was $16,794.
  • Pastrano had originally been scheduled the fight Willie Troy, but the state boxing commission refused to approve the bout because it was between a white boxer and a black boxer.

Post-Fight Comments

  • Willie Pastrano: "I took it easy, saving myself so I could open up with speed and power in the final three rounds."
  • Joey Maxim: "Now I know how those guys used to feel that fought me when I was young."

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