Earnie Shavers vs. Bernardo Mercado

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Earnie Shavers 212 lbs lost to Bernardo Mercado 217 lbs by TKO at 0:41 in round 7 of 10

"Bernardo Mercado thrust himself into the world heavyweight title picture Saturday with a big upset 7th round TKO over Earnie Shavers. Mercado survived a 3rd round knockdown to stop Shavers 48 seconds into the 7th round. The beginning of the end came for Shavers when a powerful left hook dropped him seconds into the round. When he rose, Shavers was trapped against the ropes by Mercado and referee Paul Venti finally stopped the fight after the Columbian battered Shavers with a barrage of unanswered blows. Shavers dominated the first three rounds of the bout, but a torn right glove forced a three minute delay between the 3rd and 4th rounds. While Shavers' handlers located a replacement for the ripped glove, Mercado was treated for a cut under his left eye, the result of an overhand right that floored the Columbian in the 3rd round. When the fight resumed, a refreshed Mercado dominated Shavers." -United Press International

Official scorecards (through six completed rounds)

  • Referee Paul Venti - 3-3 Even
  • Judge Charlie Spina - 4-2 Shavers
  • Judge Milo Savage - 4-1-1 Shavers