Beau Jack vs. Bob Montgomery (2nd meeting)

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Beau Jack vs Bob Montegomery . Fasan.jpg

Beau Jack 133 lbs beat Bob Montgomery 134 lbs by UD in round 15 of 15

NYSAC World Lightweight Title

  • Scoring: 7-6-2, 10-5, 10-4-1; Montgomery was a 4-1 favourite
  • Attendance: 17,000
  • Photo #2, Photo #3

"Beau Jack was back on top of the lightweight heap today. Following new trainer, Larry Amadee's instructions to the letter, Beau regained the 135 lb. title by outpointing champion Bob Montgomery in a furious 15 rounder at MSG last night. At Amadee's instruction Beau stuck close to Montgomery. He mixed willingly at close quarters, slugged it out with both fists when the referee parted them from a clinch and coasted when Amadee gave the word. The Beau needed Amadee's advice because Montgomery put on a whilwind finish in the last five rounds. In the last two rounds, especially, Montgomery seemed to be on the verge of a knockout triumph, but somehow Beau stood up to cart off a unanimous decision." -Associated Press

Unofficial scorecards:

  • AP - 8-6-1 Jack
  • UP - 8-5-2 Jack