Frank Warren

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Class of 2008
Non-Participant Category
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Name: Frank Warren
Hometown: Hertford, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
Birthplace: Islington, London, United Kingdom
Promoter: Record


  • Frank John Warren is a prominent English boxing promoter.
  • Warren's promotional company is Sports Network, which has promoted many important bouts in Great Britain and throughout the world.
  • After the loss of the dispute with Joe Calzaghe, Sports Network Ltd was put into administration.
  • In 2010 Warren founded the boxing promotion company Queensberry Promotions.
  • In 2011 Warren launched the innovative direct to consumer TV model, BoxNation.


On 30 November 1989, Warren was shot outside the Broadway Theatre by an unknown hooded assailant. A .22 bullet from a Luger pistol missed his heart by an inch, and Warren lost half a lung and parts of his ribs. The former boxer, Terry Marsh, who had become Warren's first world champion two years earlier, was accused of the shooting but acquitted by a jury. No other arrest has been made. [1]