Garvin Sawyer

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Name: Garvin Sawyer
Hometown: Arnold, Pennsylvania, USA
Birthplace: Gates, Tennessee, USA
Stance: Orthodox
Pro Boxer: Record
Amateur Boxer: Record

Manager: Tom Tannas

  • 1954 won the the Chicago Golden Gloves Tournament of Champions vs. Georgie Woods of Los Angeles, CA and on May 20, 1954 at Chicago representing the United States vs. Europe he won by tko in the 3rd vs. Ilkka Koski of Finland at heavyweight.

Preceded by:
Sonny Liston
Chicago Golden Gloves Tournament of Champions
Heavyweight Champion

Succeeded by:
Eddie Cato

Garvin Sawyer passed away in 1989 in Harlem, New York. He died in a fire due to smoke inhalation.