George Chuvalo vs. Bob Cleroux (2nd meeting)

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George Chuvalo 209 lbs beat Bob Cleroux 206 lbs by UD in round 12 of 12


  • Canadian Heavyweight Title (1st defense of Cleroux)
  • Weights: Cleroux 206 lbs, Chuvalo 209.5 lbs

"Toronto's George Chuvalo Wednesday night regained the Canadian heavyweight championship with a 12 round decision over Bob Cleroux of Montreal. There were no official knockdowns but Cleroux twice threw Chuvalo to the canvas in the 11th round and was cautioned by referee Jack Sharkey. Chuvalo's strategy was to lie back and pick his shots against the mauling, plodding Montrealer, and it paid off. He opened a slight cut over Cleroux's right eye in the opening round and over his left eye in the 9th. Chuvalo's best round was the 7th when his stiff crosses had Cleroux reeling and holding." -Canadian Press

  • Unofficial CP scorecard - 59-56 Chuvalo
  • Attendance - 9,000 (est.)


  • This was the second of three meetings between the two fighters, Cleroux winning the other two fights in August 1960 and August 1961.
  • According to Dink Carroll of the Montreal Gazette Chuvalo won 7 rounds, Cleroux 4 with 1 even.

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Canadian Heavyweight Title Fight
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