George Chuvalo vs. Bob Cleroux (3rd meeting)

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Cleroux getting his arm raised after the decision

Bob Cleroux 204 lbs beat George Chuvalo 207 lbs by SD in round 12 of 12

"Hometowner Bob Cleroux, pitting his drive and roundhouse swings against the more polished attack of defending champ George Chuvalo, stripped the Toronto battler of the Canadian heavyweight title Tuesday night with a 12 round decision. There were no knockdowns but twice Cleroux wrapped his arm around Chuvalo and hurled him to the canvas. Referee Nick Nichile repeatedly warned both boxers against illegal tactics. But he took no points away. Nichile had a tough evening. The two clinched after virtually every exchange. He warned both for butting and hitting after the break. Chuvalo was called at least five times for wrapping his right arm around Cleroux' head and banging away to the back of the head with the left. The two fighters were virtually unmarked at the end although there was a slight trickle of blood from a cut on Chuvalo's left ear." -Canadian Press

  • Unofficial CP scorecard - 57-56 Cleroux
  • Former heavyweight champ Jack Sharkey was originally supposed to referee this fight - as was announced by Promoter Eddie Quinn's office - however the Montreal Athletic Commission insisted on Nick Nichile.


  • Last meeting between the two Canadian heavyweight legends.

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