Glide Rink Athletic Club

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Tacoma, WA, USA

The Glide Rink was the name of an early to mid-20th Century boxing venue run by the local American Eagles Club (commonly called the "Glide Rink Athletic Club"), with George Shanklin as its promoter during the early 1910s. (Paul Steele also put on shows here, as well as the Tourist Hotel Gym, circa 1916, when he was affiliated with the Tacoma School of Boxing. [1], [2], [3])

Its inaugural boxing show was held April 19, 1912, and seated 4,000 people. It was located at 11th and L Street [4].

Johnny Pepe opened the Kay Street Athletic Association at Glide Rink May 3, 1923, and began staging boxing shows at that time. Tacoma News Tribune