Henry Akinwande vs. Alexander Zolkin

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Henry Akinwande 238 lbs beat Alexander Zolkin 235 lbs by TKO at 2:32 in round 10 of 12

Titles On Line: World Boxing Organization Heavyweight Title (Akinwande's 1st defense)
Television: ?
Promoter(s): Don King: Don King Productions
Link to Fight Card
Fighters: Akinwande Zolkin
Prefight Records: 30-0-1 24-2
Weights: 238 235

  • Zolkin was down in round four from an Akinwande right hand.
  • In the sixth round, Zolkin suffered an inch-long cut on his right eyelid which would later take 25 stitches to close.
  • Late in round 10, referee Richard Steele called time and escorted Zolkin to the ring apron, where he was examined by the ringside physician, Dr. Flip Homansky, who examined Zolkin's cut and told the referee to call a halt to the bout.
  • Zolkin and trainer John Schaffer protested the stoppage, claiming Zolkin was able to continue.

Preceded by:
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WBO Heavyweight Title Fight
# 13
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