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Tommy Loughran
Class of 1991
Old Timer Category
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Name: Tommy Loughran
Alias: Phantom of Philly
Birth Name: Thomas Patrick Loughran
Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Died: 1982-07-07 (Age:79)
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 182cm
Reach: 185cm
Promoter: Record
Referee: Record
Pro Boxer: Record

Division: Light Heavyweight
Manager: Joe Smith
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Tommy Loughran (born November 29, 1902, Philadelphia, PA ? died July 7, 1982, Altoona, PA) was the 1927-1929 undefeated Light-Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the world and is regarded as one of the most skilled fighters of all time.

Loughran's effective use of coordinated foot work, sound defense and swift, accurate counter punching is now regarded as a precursor to the techniques practiced in modern boxing. Loughran fought many middleweight, light-heavyweight, and heavyweight champions in his career - including Gene Tunney, Jack Sharkey and Georges Carpentier. In his esteemed career Loughran even achieved a Newspaper Decision over fistic phenom Harry Greb. Loughran was but 19 years old when he first met Greb.

As a light heavyweight, he defeated two future world heavyweight champions: Max Baer and James J. Braddock. Loughran finally fought Primo Carnera for the Heavyweight title. Despite the 8 inch size disadvantage, the age disadvantage and weight disadvantage Loughran was up against, he still managed to beat the colossus - at least that's how the fans and critics since have ruled it. The judges however thought differently.

In later years, when interviewed for the book, Loughran reportedly agreed to only be awarded a win if he could stop the giant. Considering the conditions, Loughran's state and Carnera's connections, it is not unfair to assume some sort of corruption was at hand.

While Loughran is remembered among boxing's elite, his career was marred by his fragile hands and jaw. Loughran was also a very small Light heavyweight and possessed no fear of larger men. Loughran fought regularly, even taking fights with only a few hours notice. When examining Loughran's career one must consider the, almost masochistic, abuse Loughran embraced.

Record Notes. Several bouts that were included in early published records for Loughran are not included in his BoxRec record, because they have not yet been verified. They are as follows: 1920, Bill Clark, W ko 3; 1920, Eddie Moran, W ko 4; 1920, Joe Brock, w ko 2; 1921, Ted Mitchell, No decision, 8; 1921. If and when these fights are verified, they will be added to BoxRec.

  • Featured on the covers of the December 1927 The Ring and Self-Defense magazines
  • Named Ring Magazine Fighter of the Year for 1929 and 1931
  • Promoting boxing programs in Philadelphia at the Metropolitan Opera House in the winter of 1939-40.
  • Was a contestant on an early (circa 1956) episode of the American television series "To Tell the Truth" -- All four members of the panel correctly guessed Loughran.
  • Became a well-known bridge card-game player.
  • Died at Altoona, PA
  • CBZ Record
  • 1979 Sports Illustrated article re: Loughran serving as Jack Dempsey's sparring partner in 1926.
  • "Saint Monica Parish and Tommy Loughran": [1]