Ted (Kid) Lewis

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Ted Lewis
Class of 1992
Old Timer Category
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Name: Ted Kid Lewis
Alias: The Aldgate Sphinx
Birth Name: Gershon Mendeloff
Hometown: St George's, London, United Kingdom
Birthplace: St George's, London, United Kingdom
Died: 1970-10-20 (Age:76)
Height: 171cm
Reach: 175cm
Matchmaker: Record
Pro Boxer: Record

Trainers: Mannie Seamon, Zelig Goodman
Manager: Jimmy Johnson (in United States)
Ted (Kid) Lewis Gallery

Ted (Kid) Lewis is generally credited with being the first fighter to use a mouthpiece; at the very least he was one of the first notable fighters to use one. Became a boxing promoter and manager after he retired from boxing. A credible argument can be made that Lewis is the greatest pound for pound fighter to ever come out of the UK. Held at least nine major titles in his career besides the World Welterweight Title. Won the British and European Featherweight Title in 1913-held the World Welterweight Title on and off from 1915 to 1919. Won the British Middleweight Title in 1920, then won the British, European and Commonwealth Welterweight Titles also in 1920. Then in 1921 won the British and European Middleweight Titles in 1921-and also won the British Light Heavyweight Title in 1921. Then in 1922 added the Commonwealth Middleweight Title to the British and European Middleweight Titles he already held. Then in 1924 won and lost the European, British and Commonwealth Welterweight Titles. An amazing career without a doubt.

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Much of the linked career record was compiled by Miles Templeton and Richard Ireland of www.boxinghistory.org.uk. Please visit this site if you require further information about this boxer.