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Name: Don Mogard
Hometown: Hampstead, New Brunswick, Canada
Birthplace: Hampstead, New Brunswick, Canada
Died: 1994-06-04 (Age:68)
Pro Boxer: Record

  • Came over to England in 1949 as a sparring partner for Lee Savold for his heavyweight championship fight Bruce Woodcock. The fight was postponed but Mogard stayed to fight.
  • Son of a Norwegian who emigrated to Canada after World War One
  • Became a lumber jack but with the war joined the Royal Canadian Air Force and was posted a physical training instructor
  • Spent more than three and a half years in the service
  • On demobilisation he resumed his amateur career in Toronto until 1947
  • He then came under the notice of Bill Daly and decided to turn professional
  • Mogard was being groomed by someone to earn good paydays against top-notch heavies. As evidence, four of his nineteen career wins were against the same Jimmy Walls. Also, with limited experience, Don was thrown in with hot prospect Roland LaStarza who was 24-0. He might have fared much better under different management.