Charlie Harris

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Name: Charlie Harris
Alias: Emperor
Birth Name: Charles Shyder
Hometown: Jersey City, New Jersey, USA
Birthplace: Waycross, Georgia, USA
Height: 185cm
Pro Boxer: Record

Career Review

  • Real name: Charles Shyder.
  • Born in Waycross, Georgia.
  • Had 9 brothers and two sisters.
  • Managed by Vincent (Jimmy) Polizzi and John Amodei.
  • Quit high school at 17.
  • Amateur boxing record was 23-2.
  • Worked as a singer, impersonator, painter, plumber, chef, carpenter, store clerk and chauffeur.


  • Ring Magazine, February 1969, page 28: ON THEY COME INTO GOTHAM, LOADED WITH FISTIC HOPE, by Freddie Eisenstadt