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Name: Danny Webster
Alias: Kid Webster
Birth Name: Daniel Brice
Hometown: Los Angeles, California, USA
Birthplace: Canterbury, Kent, United Kingdom
Died: 1965-03-27 (Age:78)
Height: 160cm
Reach: 168cm
Pro Boxer: Record

Manager: 'Bad Bill' Aldridge [1]

Danny Webster won Monte Attell's World Bantamweight Title in 1909.

According to an article in the September 18, 1911 edition of the Los Angeles Times on Ancestry.com, Danny Webster's real last name was Brice. The article contained quite a bit of information about his life and boxing career, including a description about he adopted his ring name to conceal the fact that he was boxing professionally from his mother. She apparently caught on that her son was a boxer when she saw his cauliflower ear and became a big supporter of his career. At the time of that the article appeared in the Times, Webster had a wife and a daughter.

According the U.S. Census Records on Ancestry.com, one Daniel Brice was born about 1887 and lived in Los Angeles during 1900, 1920, 1930 and 1940. In addition, one Dan Brice, a 27-year-old English-born "pugilist," had been living with his wife and two step-children in Los Angeles during 1910.

According to the U.S., World War II Draft Registration Cards database, one Daniel Brice was born in Kent, England on December 31, 1886. He was 5' 3" tall, weighed 150 pounds and had "cauliflower ears."

According to the California Death Index (1940-1997), one Daniel Brice was born on December 31, 1886 (no birthplace was listed) and died in Los Angeles County on March 27, 1965.