Jack Kracken

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Name: Jack Kracken
Alias: Emil Ecklund
Hometown: Bremerton, Washington, USA
Birthplace: Lillehammer, Norway
Height: 188cm
Pro Boxer: Record

The Charleston Mail of Jan 26, 1930 reported that Jack Kracken was from Oslo, Norway, had attended the University of Illinois, and was already fighting preliminary bouts.

Per the January 27, 1932 Daily News Searchlight newspaper of Bremerton, WA, Kracken's real name was Emil Ecklund. Later non-Bremerton newspapers, reporting on some of his other bouts, apparently state that he is from Champaign, Illinois.

According to research done of the church registeries in Lillehammer and nine surrounding districts (1890-1915), only one candidate surfaced: Even Ecklund, born 13 August 1899, in Ringsaker, 15 kilometers south of Lillehammer. His parents were farmers. The family is spelled Eklund in the 1900 census, Ecklund in the 1910 census. There are no traces of him in the records after that, only of his younger sister and parents. The family is in fact the only Ecklunds in Norway at that time. There are some Eklunds (only 126 persons 1900, 163 in 1910), most of them residing by the Swedish border. (Eklund is a more Swedish than Norwegian name.) Only one carried the name Ekelund. There were no Eklunds in the districts around Lillehammer.