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Name: Jackie Brady
Birth Name: Amedio Pizzica
Hometown: Syracuse, New York, USA
Birthplace: New York, New York, USA
Stance: Southpaw
Height: 169cm
Pro Boxer: Record

Division: Welterweight
Manager: Harry Andrews

Early in his career, Brady fought as "Young Brady," "Johnny Brady," or sometimes as "Kid Brady." He was sometimes misidentified in newspapers, for instance as "Willie Brady" (when fighting Billy Murphy), as "Joe Brady," and even as "Jack Grady."

Brady's verifiable fights are in the linked record. Some fights appear in his published records (Everlast Boxing Record, Self-Defense Sporting Annual</>, Ring All-Time Record Book, 1943 edition, and a record by Sal Rappa in IBRO #53) that have not been verified from newspaper accounts. They are as follows:

  • 1920: Billy Adams, W ko 3; Mike Pelerino, W Points 4; Johnny Miller, W Points 6; Mike Pelerino, W Points 6; Kid Michaels, D 4; Battling Barry, D 6; Kid Michaels, D 6.
  • 1921: Tony Abrams, W ko 2; Johnny Burns, W ko 3; Spike Sullivan, W Points 6; Matt Haley, W Points 6; Battling Barry, W Points 6; Johnny Marks, W Points 6; Battling Barry, D 6; Frank Possie, D 6; Battling Barry, L Points 4.
  • 1926: Nat Kawler, L Points 6.
  • 1925: Willie Buff, W ko 3; Bill Moody, W ko 4.
  • 1922: Tony Ross, W Points 6; Ping Bodie, W Points 8; Ritchie King, W Points 6.

It should be noted that the linked record contains many fights that are not in Brady's published record, which appears to be inaccurate.