Jewey Smith

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Name: Jewey Smith
Birth Name: Joseph Smith
Hometown: Aldgate, London, United Kingdom
Birthplace: Spitalfields, London, United Kingdom
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 166cm
Referee: Record
Pro Boxer: Record

Photo #2

Despite the record in the database, Jewey Smith, a former sailor in Her Majesty's Navy, was a very good fighter. Most of his bouts are unrecorded as they are hard to research. He did claim the British Heavyweight Championship in his career and was billed as the champion of Africa and France when he fought Tommy Burns for the world title on Burns' world tour.

Most believe he won the titles as an amateur and, upon turning pro, was simply billed again as the champion of France and Africa because there were no other professional contenders to dispute his claim at the time. About half of this linked record taken from IBRO Journal #66, researched by Jan Skotnicki.