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"Sweet"Jimmy Robinson1979

Name: Jimmy Robinson
Alias: Sweet
Hometown: Liberty City, Florida, USA
Birthplace: Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Pro Boxer: Record

Sweet Jimmy Robinson's claim to fame was his 96 second loss to future 3-Time World Heavyweight Champion Muhammad Ali.

A middleweight who fought up to heavyweight, Robinson was nothing more then a local club-fighter who was used as a stepping-stone for upcoming South Florida prospects.

Robinson was managed by pool-hall owner, Clyde Killens. He generally filled in as a last minute sub on Chris Dundee promotions in Miami-Dade County. "Sweet Jimmy" trained at the famed 5th Street Gym, but lived in the Overtown section of Miami known as Liberty City.

According to newspaper reports, Robinson was born in Kansas City, but relocated to Miami. In a 1979 interview, Robinson said he was born in 1925, making him 36 years old when he fought Ali, then known as Cassius Clay. Robinson always carried his ring gear in an old U.S. Army bag, and he claimed to be veteran.

Robinson in Miami, FL 1979

"Sweet Jimmy's" ring career ended in 1963, and he became a fixture in local pool halls and street corners in Liberty City. In 1968, he was dug out of retirement to fight Kent Green on Miami Beach. Green was the only fighter at the time to hold a TKO win over Muhammad Ali. Green stopped Ali as an amateur some ten years earlier. Green landed two punches and Robinson went down and out in under a minute.

Since 1979, the whereabouts of Robinson have been unknown. Overtown residents recall him as a homeless man who bummed change off of pool-hall customers, and spoke endlessly of his fight with Ali.

This boxer should not be confused with Jim Robinson: Philadelphia Light Heavy-Heavyweight, who fought from 1953-1962: http://www.boxrec.com/boxer_display.php?boxer_id=009365