Joe Kennedy

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Joe Kennedy

Name: Joe Kennedy
Hometown: San Francisco, California, USA
Died: 1930-04-01 (Age:60)
Height: 188cm
Pro Boxer: Record
Amateur Boxer: Record

Prior to fighting Theodore Van Buskirk in the Fall of 1895, Kennedy boxed for both the Olympic Club and the San Francisco Athletic Club.

In October and again in November of 1898 it was announced by the Excelsior Athletic Club of San Francisco that Jim Jeffries would meet Joe Kennedy in a 20 round contest on December 27, the winner to receive 75% of the purse. Jim McDonald, a popular local baseball umpire was to be the referee. Days later Jeffries backed out to accept a fight with James J Corbett instead. When that deal failed to develop, the bout with Kennedy was said to be on again, this time set for January 27, 1899. In late January the bout was rescheduled for February, and then Billy Delaney, Jeff's manager, broke the contract with the club as he had received an offer to fight Bob Fitzsimmons for the title. So Kennedy was left hanging with empty pockets until months later when the match with Gus Ruhlin was arranged.

  • Kennedy was scheduled to box Jack Stelzner 20 rounds at Woodward's Pavilion on January 30, 1900, but just weeks before the match was to take place, he backed out, claiming the money offered wasn't good enough and he wasn't in condition.
  • April 14, 1900 Kennedy was scheduled to box Charley Selna 20 rounds at the Watsonville A.C. with Dan Sullivan as referee. No result is known.
  • in 1901 Joe Kennedy hired on as Jim Jeffries chief sparring partner for his title fights with Ruhlin, Fitzsimmons, Corbett and Munroe. He also worked with Fitzsimmons for the latter's battle with George Gardner.