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Name: Johnny Brown
Alias: Philip Hickman
Hometown: St George's, London, United Kingdom
Birthplace: Spitalfields, London, United Kingdom
Died: 1976-07-01 (Age:73)
Pro Boxer: Record

Johnny Brown, of Hebrew heritage, was the older brother of fellow boxer Young Johnny Brown. Brown was an outright Lonsdale Belt winner as Bantamweight Champion of the UK from 1923 to 1928. He was also the Commonwealth Bantamweight Champion from 1923 to 1928, and finally he was the European (EBU) Bantamweight Champion from 1923 to 1925. Ranked as the number 10 bantamweight in the world by Ring Magazine in 1925 and 1926.

This record has been compiled by Miles Templeton and Richard Ireland of Please visit this site if you require further information about this boxer, as there is much more material available.

Complete record without dates or venues. Bouts 99 (won 54, drew 5, lost 25, no decision 15)

Won Pts [2] ? Harry Taylor, Wally Trainer
Won KO [1] ? Harry Taylor
Won TKO [2] ? Bernard Bedour, Jumbo Webb
Lost Pts [1] ? George Nolan
Lost TKO [2] ? Bill Wooder, Joe Baker
Won Pts [7] ? Jim Jeffords, Sid Peploe, Jack Wayland, Harry Puller, Johnny Marshall, George Harrison, Bert Smiles
Won KO [3] ? Sonny Irving, Johnny Gibbons, Jerry Lyons
Won TKO [3] ? Alf Lowther, Frank Lacon, Johnny Lewis
Lost TKO [1] ? Johnny Curley
Won Pts [7] ? George Harrison, Jack Sharkey, Phil Bond (2), Benny Nolan, Sammy Davies, George Nolan
Won TKO [3] ? George Nolan, Kid Logan, Wal Jordan
Lost Pts [3] ? Young Fugelman, Kid Davis, Frankie Jerome
Lost TKO [1] ? Jack Doyle
No Dec [4] ? Battling Leonard, Tommy Murray, Joe Burman, Jack Hausner
Won Pts [3] ? Bud Dempsey, Jack Sharkey, Paul Demers
Won TKO [2] ? Albert Colcombe, Jimmy Corp
Drew [2] ? Frankie Mack, Al Foreman
Lost Pts [2] ? Charlie Beecher, Bugler Harry Lake
No Dec [8] ? Mickey Delmont, Patsy Wallace, George Gerardin, Tommy Murray, Frankie Conway, Martin Judge, 
Red Chapman, Lew McFarland 
Won Pts [1] ? Harry Bugler Lake (British, British Empire and European Bantam Titles)
Won KO [1] ? Jim Higgins
Won TKO [1] ? Albert Colcombe
Lost Pts [2] ? Leo Kid Roy, Johnny Curley
No Dec [3] ? Cuddy de Marco, George Gerardin, Jack Sharkey
Won Pts [2] ? Teddy Murton, Billy Hindley
Won KO [3] ? Len Oldfield, Tommy Dowd, Mog Pugh
Won TKO [4] ? Billy Hindley, Harold Jones, Jack Alexander, Billy Colebourne
Lost Pts [1] ? Harry Corbett
Won KO [2] ? Teddy Murton, Mick Hill (British and British Empire Bantam Titles)
Won TKO [1] ? Harry Corbett (British and British Empire Bantam Titles)
Won Disq [3] ? Frank Harvey, Andre Routis, Johnny Cuthbert
Drew [1] ? Tom Bailey
Lost Pts [3] ? Bud Taylor, Carl Tremaine, Mike Dundee
Lost KO [1] ? Sammy Fuller
Lost TKO [2] ? Chic Suggs, Eddie Anderson
Won Pts [1] ? Nel Tarleton
Won KO [2] ? Young Stanley, Len Fowler
Drew [1] ? Enrico Venturi
Lost Pts [2] ? Willie Smith, Alf Kid Pattenden
Drew [1] ? Young Clancy
Lost Pts [2] ? Kid Socks, Robert Tassin
Lost TKO [2] ? Sammy Shack, Teddy Baldock (British and British Empire Bantam Titles)

Most of the dates, venues, number of rounds, and scheduled number of rounds for the UK fights courtesy of Miles Templeton.