Lee Savold

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Lee Savold

Name: Lee Savold
Alias: The Battling Bartender
Birth Name: Lee Hulver Savold
Hometown: Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA
Birthplace: Canby, Minnesota, USA
Died: 1972-05-14 (Age:57)
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 185cm
Pro Boxer: Record
Amateur Boxer: Record

Trainer: Johnny Lane
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Lee Savold was a top contender during the 1930s, 40s and early 50s, and was once the #1 rated heavyweight in the world. Savold fought memorable bouts with Lou Nova, Bruce Woodcock, Billy Conn, Joe Louis, and Rocky Marciano.

Savold, brother of fellow heavyweight Stan Savold, went by "Lee Savoldi" early in his career.

On Sunday, December 18, 1948, Lee Savold visited Oslo, Norway and boxed an exhibition bout with Solly Cantor (probably the Toronto-based lightweight). It took place in the large Colosseum cinema. In an interview with the Oslo paper VG Savold said he had grown up in Minnesota with Norwegian parents. His father's name was Sagvold, while his mother came from a family named Refdal. Lee moved to New Jersey as a 15-year-old for a brief time, and later moved back to St. Paul to start his pro career. Before that he spoke Norwegian fluently, but by the time he visited Oslo, the language had disappeared completely. Sagvold is a common name north of Trondheim and south of Lillehammer, the 1994 Winter Olympics town, while Refdal often can be found north of Bergen. Post-fight reports in the paper Aftenposten, however, showed a member of a Saevold family from Samangen, Sogn, north of Bergen, claiming to be a relative of Savold, something the boxer didn't dispute, probably so as not to disappoint the visitor. But it really didn't match Savold's own recount of his Sagvold origins.

Savold died in Neptune, New Jersey.


  • Featured on the cover of the April 1940 The Ring magazine
  • The Ring Record Book incorrectly records a June 26, 1936 L-8 bout with Sonny Boy Walker at San Francisco. That bout was not reported in the contemporary San Francisco Chronicle.
  • The Ring Record Book also incorrectly records a July 17, 1936, L-10 Sonny Boy Walker bout at San Francisco. However, the day-after the San Francisco Chronicle reported that "Savoldi" W-10 Donn Conn at San Diego that date.