Light heavyweight

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First Champion
1903 World Jack Root
1913 British Dennis Haugh
1923 Commonwealth
(British Empire)
Jack Bloomfield
1927 NBA Jimmy Slattery
1930 NYSAC Jimmy Slattery
1963 WBA Willie Pastrano
1963 WBC Willie Pastrano
1984 IBF Michael Spinks
1988 WBO Michael Moorer
  • The maximum weight for this division is 175 pounds (79.4 kg or 12½ stone).
  • One of the traditional eight divisions.

The light heavyweight division was initially created by Lou Houseman for his fighter Jack Root in 1899 or 1903. The weight limit was first established by the National Sporting Club (NSC) in 1909 as 12½ stone or 175 pounds.

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