Luis Alberto Lazarte

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Name: Luis Alberto Lazarte
Alias: El Mosquito
Hometown: Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Birthplace: Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 155cm
Pro Boxer: Record

Photo #2

Preceded by:
Carlos Tamara
IBF Light Flyweight Champion
2010 May 29 – 2011 Apr 30
Succeeded by:
Ulises Solis

Lazarte vs. Casimero

  • Lazarte was the loser in an interim IBF World Light Flyweight title bout with Filipino Johnriel Casimero in an IBF interim Light Flyweight title bout in 2012. Lazarte had been hit behind the head with an illegal blow from Casimero, and got a five minute rest period. The bout resumed with Casimero not penalized, and Lazarte went down three times as he apparently had not recovered from the illegal blow. Lazarte's corner threw in the towel. Lazarte had been penalized for punching behind the head during the contest, and as a result of threatening the referee during the bout, was banned by the IBF after this bout from participating in further IBF contests.
  • Full Video Replay of the Bout on YouTube including Postfight Riot [1]
  • Replay of ring riot only, runs three minutes [2]
  • ESPN story by Dan Rafael on the Casimero-Lazarte fightriot and IBF banishment of Lazarte [3]