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Name: Mickey Duff
Birth Name: Monek Prager
Hometown: Aldgate, London, United Kingdom
Birthplace: Krakow, Poland
Died: 2014-03-22 (Age:84)
Matchmaker: Record
Promoter: Record
Pro Boxer: Record


British boxer, matchmaker and manager of Jewish extraction, Mickey Duff, whose real name was Monek Prager, was born June 7, 1929 in Krakow, Poland. His parents emigrated to England with him in the late 1930s to avoid the Nazis. At age 15, Duff turned pro and retired when he was only 19. In Mickey Duff's autobiography "Twenty and Out," he writes that he had 69 professional boxing matches, winning fifty five, losing eight and drawing in six-if true then this linked record should be considered to be very incomplete. After a short stint as a sewing machine salesman, Duff returned to boxing and began making matches throughout England.

By the late-1950s, promoter Jack Solomons's ironclad control of British boxing began to loosen. Duff, as a matchmaker, along with manager Jarvis Astaire and promoter Harry Levine, became key players over the next few decades.

Duff was involved with 16 world champions and many world class British fighters, including: Jim Watt, Alan Minter, Lloyd Honeyghan, John Conteh, Terry Downes, Howard Winstone, Pat Barrett, and Rudi Pika. He has also worked with champions Maurice Hope, John "The Beast" Mugabi and Cornelius Boza Edwards, and also Lotte Mwale, Louis Pergaud.