Ring Magazine: July 1959

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Cover: Ingemar Johansson; (top) Floyd Patterson, Brian London

Table of Contents

  • Article topics include: Nat Fleischer Says, Fights of the Month (photos), Robinson-Basilio On?, London's Long Stay Encouraged Johansson (Floyd Patterson, Ingemar Johansson), Who Will Win? (Floyd Patterson, Ingemar Johansson), Brenner Finally Comes to Roost In Garden (Teddy Brenner), World Ratings, Floyd Patterson (Fighter of the Month), Vikings Of The Ring (Pete Sanstol, Funnar Barlund, Buddy Baer, Harry Persson, Kid Williams, Johnny Kilbane), International Fights Drip With Intrigue (Max Schmeling), Don Jordan Successful In Defense Of His Crown (Don Jordan, Virgil Akins), The Heavy-Heavy Hitter (Rocky Marciano, Jersey Joe Walcott, Max Baer, Primo Carnera, Jack Dempsey, Gene Tunney), Many Sided Character (Ingemar Johansson, Floyd Patterson, Julie Newmar, Brigit Lundgren), Those For Whom The Bells Toll (Joe Louis, Buddy Baer, Ancil Hoffman), Fights of the Month (photos), Here Comes The Irish (George Logan, John Patrick Britt, Tom McNeely, Bob McKinney, Jackie Donnelly), With Our Servicemen, TV and Boxing (Sam Taub), The Mat World (Country Boy Calhoun, Tiny Mills, El Hombre Montana, Pat Lyda, Mark Lewin, Don Curtis, Miss Heindel, Miss Schwarz, Jo Marcelle, Beale Sesat Hamburg, Trendle Langer, Kim Violet), Seen Here In New York (Lillie Stribling, William Lawrence Stribling), In Sunny California (Kenny Lane), Paolo Rosi - Quiet Deceptive Dynamo, Fighters - Biographical Sketches (Gene "Ace" Armstrong, Henry Cooper, Joe Becerra, Tony Dibiase, Ike Chestnut, Ralph Dupas, Yvon Durelle, Lahouari Godih, Gabriel "Flash" Elode, Harold Gomes, Leo Espinosa, Johnny Gonsalves, Del Flanagan, Emile Griffith, Garnet "Sugar" Hart, Marvin "Candy" McFarland, Alonzo Johnson, Dennis "Denny" Moyer, Eddie Jordan, Carlos Ortiz, Paul Jorgensen, Paul Pende, Charley Powell, Eddie Thompson, Stefan Redl, Willie Toweel, Gustav "Bubi" Scholz, Reuben Vargas, Charley Scott, Ellsworth "Spider" Webb), In Latin America (Joe Medel), European Gossip (Duilio Loi) & News Of The British Isles (Terry Spinks)
  • 1959 Issues