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1941 Edition
  • First published in 1942 by Nat Fleischer, Editor of the The Ring Magazine, and originally titled The Ring All-Time Record Book (or the "All-Time Ring Record Book), these books purportedly recorded the most-recent bouts (as of the year-before) of the most well-known boxers of the day.
  • Published annually, with the exception of 1986. It was discontinued after the combined 1986-87 edition.
  • It has been suggested that, although these books "borrowed" heavily from the Everlast Boxing Record and T. S. Andrews World’s Sporting Annual Record Books, they are replete with errors.
  • Trivia: For the 1949 edition, Fleischer refused to use the term "technical knockout." Thus, there were no TKOs recorded in that book. In the foreward, he explained: "In these records, when a fighter has been stopped, whether by tossing in the sponge, through action of the referee, because of injuries, or for any other cause other than fouling, the editor placed K. O. to the credit of the victor. Under the rules of boxing, when a boxer is halted he loses by a knockout. There is no such thing as a 'technical' knockout."
  • Sample: 1981 Edition scanned: [1]
  • See also, Ring Magazine Scandal

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