Sverre Sørsdal

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Name: Sverre Sorsdal
Birth Name: Sverre Sørsdal
Hometown: Gjovik, Norway
Birthplace: Hamar, Norway
Died: 1996-03-21 (Age:95)
Amateur Boxer: Record

Sverre Sørsdal (August 5, 1900 – March 21, 1996) was a Norwegian boxer who competed in the 1920 Summer Olympics, in the 1924 Summer Olympics, and in the 1928 Summer Olympics.

He was born in Hamar.

In 1920 he won the silver medal in the light heavyweight class after losing in the final to Eddie Eagan.

Four years later he won the bronze medal in the same weight division when he won the bronze medal bout against Carlo Saraudi.

In the 1928 Summer Olympics he finished fourth in the heavyweight competition. He was unable to competed in the bronze medal bout against Michael Michaelsen, after losing in the semifinal to Nils Ramm.

Sørsdal trained as a medical student while pursuing his boxing career, boxing for Akademisk Boxe-Klub. As a doctor he later attained the position of head of department at Vardø hospital, and was awarded the king's medal of merit upon his retirement.

Olympic games results

1920 (as a Light heavyweight)

1924 (as a Light heavyweight)

1928 (as a heavyweight)

Sourced: This article borrows from Sørsdal's article on Wikipedia: [1]