Tom Cribb

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Class of 1991
Pioneer Category
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Born: July 8, 1781 at Hanaham, Gloucestershire, England
Died: May 11, 1848

Tom Cribb has the distinction of being one of the first fighters to train for fights. He gained his strength working on the wharves of London, where he was nearly crushed by coal barges and had a 500 pound crate fall on him.

Cribb became regarded as the champion upon his second victory over Jem Belcher. Cribb is perhaps best known for his two bouts with former American slave Tom Molineaux. Both were vicious, competitive bouts, but Cribb ultimately overcame Molineaux's challenges to be victorious.

Preceded by:
John Gully
English Bare-Knuckle Heavyweight Champion
1 February 1809 – 1822 (retires)
Succeeded by:
Tom Spring