Torsten Schmitz

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Torsten Schmitz

Name: Torsten Schmitz
Nationality: German
Birthplace: Crivitz, Germany
Hometown: Hamburg, Germany
Born: 1964-08-26

Amateur Career

Record: 215-35

  • 1982 Junior European Champion at Welterweight in Schwerin, Germany. Beat Luciano Bruno (Italy) in the final.
  • 1985 competed at the European Championships in Budapest, Hungary as a Welterweight. Results were:
  • 1986 3rd place at World Championships in Reno, United States as a Welterweight. Results were:
  • 1988 competed at the Seoul Olympics as a Light Middleweight. Results were:
  • 1989 2nd place as a Light Middleweight at the World Championships in Moscow, Russia. Results were:
  • 1990 2nd place at the Goodwill Games in Seattle, USA. Results were:
  • 1991 3rd place as a Light Middleweight at World Championships in Sydney, Australia. Results were:
  • 1991 2nd place at European Championships in Goeteborg. Lost the final to Israel Akopkokhyan (Soviet Union).


Trains / Trained: