Vince Foster

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Name: Vince Foster
Birth Name: Vincent Lee Foster
Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska, USA
Birthplace: Rulo, Nebraska, USA
Died: 1949-07-18 (Age:22)
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 170cm
Pro Boxer: Record
Amateur Boxer: Record

Manager: Jack Hurley


Vince Foster was a hard-punching welterweight of Native-American heritage who was discovered by ""Decon" Jack Hurley. While based in Chicago, Foster developed an interest in the Moody Institute Bible classes. Before his fight with highly touted Tony Pellone, Foster said, " I pray before every fight, not to win, but to enable me to carry the message. If my example as a fighter can be advertising for evangelism, I think my career will be worthwhile." However, Hurley knew a different side of his fighter: " This is a strange fellow. One minute he is a model of good behavior, another minute he is the devil. He could become welterweight champion; he could become a bum."

Foster was brought to New York by Hurley in 1949, and scored an impressive 7th round knockout over Tony Pellone at Madison Square Garden. This led to a highly publicized bout against Charley Fusari at the Garden on May 13, 1949. Before the Fusari fight, Foster became involved in a "rape case of doubtful authenticity," which took great expense by Hurley to straighten out. When Foster met Fusari, Foster came out swinging for the knockout over the highly-rated Fusari, but was knocked down three times, and stopped in the first round. Following the match, Hurley said, " I'm convinced Foster wanted to get knocked out to spite me."

Foster who was deeply religious, announced that he was quitting boxing after his loss to Fusari to attend Bible college. Hurley hardly cared by this time, and sent Foster home with his money. Two months later, Foster and two female companions were killed in a car wreck in Pipestone, Minnesota. According to an article in the September 1961 Ring Magazine, Foster was a month shy of reaching his 22nd birthday when he died.

An article on Foster appeared in the October 1960 Boxing Illustrated, pp. 19,20,21 and 60, entitled "The Short, Bizarre Life of Vince Foster" by Henry Krawiec. See also Life magazine 28 Feb 1949 ("Story of a Fighter").