Young Dencio

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Name: Young Dencio
Alias: Kid Olongapo/Sailor Cacho
Birth Name: Dencio Villamore
Hometown: Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines
Birthplace: Philippines
Pro Boxer: Record

A good portion of the BoxRec Fight Record is courtesy of the International Boxing Research Organization. It has been considerably amended, however, to sort out confusion between Young Dencio (Dencio Villamore) and Pancho Dencio (Faustino Cabanela). IBRO JOURNAL #82 (June 23, 2004), pp. 35-37.

Compiled by Luckett Davis (based, in part, on Laurence Fielding's earlier record).

Young Dencio is to be distinquished with Pancho (Young) Dencio, a bantamweight and featherweight who also fought in the United States. Young Dencio was also known as Kid Olongapo (MANILA TIMES, May 20, 1924; MANILA DAILY BULLETIN, August 19, 1926) and as Sailor Cacho (PANAMA STAR & HERALD October 24, 1923). He served for many years in the United States Navy. This record does not include his non-professional service fights.

Main sources include:

  • Manila Daily Bulletin and Manila Times (Luckett Davis)
  • Panama Star & Herald (Luckett Davis)
  • New York Times (Luckett Davis)
  • Washington and Baltimore newspapers (Laurence Fielding)
  • Boston Globe
  • Pittsburgh Post
  • Chicago Tribune (Bob Soderman)
  • Record of Alex Burlie Michel Gladu
  • Plus some fights entered previously by other BoxRec editors.

Possible additional fights were with Joey Ross, Marty Gold, and Tony Ponzi. A fight between Dencio and Buster Brown is sometimes indicated, but this was most likely an exhibition as Brown was at least 20 pounds heavier.