About BoxRec

BoxRec or boxrec.com is a website dedicated to providing updated records of professional boxers, both male and female.

Inaugurated in May 2000 with a database of 20,000 bouts, BoxRec.com (Boxing Records Archive) has grown by leaps and bounds, with a million bouts having been entered by 2005, and currently over 2.1 million bouts to date. Its world-wide volunteer Editors scour magazines, record books, scrapbooks, and newspaper microfilm, attend boxing shows, and maintain contact with various boxing commissions throughout the world, to continually add old and new bouts. Presently they insert an average of 2,000 "new" entries each week into the BoxRec database. (The Editors believe that well under 50% of those bouts that can be documented have been entered so far into the BoxRec database; not to mention those undocumented bouts of the past that are forever lost.)

Unlike boxing record sources of the past, BoxRec.com actually cites the exact venues, referees, judges, official weights, knockout times, promoters, and descriptions of many bouts. However, the BoxRec database does not include amateur, bare-knuckle (pre-Marquess of Queensberry Rules) or exhibition bouts, although such matches might be mentioned in the boxer's BoxRec Wikipedia biography.

BoxRec Disclaimer

boxrec.com reserve the right to amend, alter, or withdraw any of the information contained within these pages at any time and without notice. No liability is accepted for such changes.