James J Corbett

11 4 3
5 KOs 3 KOs
division heavy
status inactive
bouts 20
rounds 232
KOs 25%
career 1886-1903
debut 1886-07-03

ID# 009021
birth name James John Corbett
sex male
alias Gentleman Jim
nationality USA
stance orthodox
height 6′ 1″   /   185cm
reach 73″   /   185cm
residence San Francisco, California, USA
birth place San Francisco, California, USA

Boxing Pro 20 bouts

datew-l-dlast 6result
1903-08-14 James J Jeffries 17 0 2
Mechanic's Pavilion, San Francisco
World Heavyweight Title
Tommy Ryan, Corbett's chief second threw a large palm-leaf fan into the ring to alert Referee Graney that he should stop the fight. Weights listed based on official measurements posted in the NY Evening World the day after.
1900-08-30 Charles Kid McCoy 61 4 9
Madison Square Garden, New York
It seems certain that McCoy faked the knockout loss to win bets
1900-05-11 James J Jeffries 13 0 2
Seaside A.C., Coney Island
2:11    ref: Charlie White
World Heavyweight Title
"The finishing blow came suddenly and was a startling surprise. Corbett had been making a wonderful battle. His defense was absolutely perfect, and while he was lacking in strength, he had more than held his own and stood an excellent chance of winning the fight had it gone the limit. He had not been badly punished and had managed to mark his man severely. The winning punch was a short left to the jaw. Corbett dropped like weight and was clear out. Jeffries showed his ability to take punishment at any distance and hard. He was clearly outboxed and at times was made to look like a novice. The crowd, which numbered fully eight thousand, was with Corbett and his defeat fell upon a silent crowd. There were cheers for him when he revived and left the ring, and he was generally given more consideration than the victor. Corbett is still a factor in pugilistic fame. He has regained much of his old time form. The battle was clean and it is doubtful if there was a single infraction of the rules." (Durango Democrat)
1898-11-22 Tom Sharkey 27 3 6
Lenox A.C., New York
"Corbett had all the worst of the encounter, when one of his seconds, 'Connie' McVey, jumped into the ring, appealing to the referee, thus violating the rules, and the referee, 'Honest' John Kelly, had no alternative but to disqualify Corbett and award the bout to Sharkey." (Summit County Journal)
1897-03-17 Bob Fitzsimmons 53 7 14
The Race Track Arena, Carson City
World Heavyweight Title
Corbett had Fitzsimmons down in the sixth round but could not finish him.
1896-06-24 Tom Sharkey 20 1 2
Mechanic's Pavilion, San Francisco
1894-01-25 Charlie Mitchell 26 2 10
Duvall Athletic Club, Jacksonville
World Heavyweight Title
5-oz. gloves; winner's share $20, 000.
1892-09-07 John L Sullivan 38 0 1
Olympic Club, New Orleans
1:30    ref: Professor John Duffy
US Heavyweight Title
1891-10-08 Ed Kinney debut

1891-05-21 Peter Jackson 52 3 15
California A.C., San Francisco
NC-61 -- 5-oz gloves
At stake was a purse of $10, 000, with $1, 500 going to the loser. After the 61st round, Cook announced "It is evident that this contest is unsatisfactory to the members if this club and I declare it no contest." The fighters were paid $2, 500 each. Daily Nevada State Journal
1890-04-14 Dominick McCaffrey 9 4 3
Fifth Avenue Casino, Brooklyn
8-oz. gloves. Officially a no decision bout, although the master of ceremonies awarded it to Corbett in the 4th round when McCaffrey had enough and the bout was prematurely terminated to save him from a knockout, which was not allowed there. Also, the bout was halted at various intervals rather than set rounds. 1st round: 2min 7s. 2nd round: 1min 20s. 3rd round: 2min 30s. 4th round: 1min 13s. The three "rests" between rounds occupied 5min 10s. San Francisco Call
1890-02-18 Jake Kilrain 21 1 7
Southern A.C., New Orleans
Kilrain seemed much heavier than usual for this contest and may not have trained seriously. No in-fighting was allowed, which favoured Corbett .[It was noted that just a few days earlier Kilrain and his troupe of boxers and wrestlers were arrested following the accidental death of one Tom James, a citizen of Dallas, TX.]
1889-12-28 Dave Campbell 3 2 2
Mechanics' Pavilion, Portland
5oz gloves were used. Corbett got first blood in the sixth round. Referee Donaldson declared the bout a draw, saying that both men were equally fresh. His decision was received with hisses from the crowd. San Francisco Chronicle
1889-12-12 Australian Billy
10 7 16
Morgan's Variety Theatre, Portland
No knockout or slugging allowed there.
1889-12-11 Australian Billy
10 6 16
Morgan's Variety Theatre, Portland
No knockout or slugging allowed.
1889-06-05 Joe Choynski 3 0 0
Benicia Harbor
This bout was fought on a barge in the harbor near near Fairfax, Ca. Pollack: It was fought on a barge anchored off Dillon's Point, opposite Benicia, in the Carquinez Straits.
1889-05-30 Joe Choynski 3 0 0
Bout stopped by the police.
1887-11-01 William Miller 1 0 1
San Francisco
Date Uncertain
1886-07-14 Duncan McDonald 6 1 3
Opera House, Salt Lake City
Corbett used the alias "Jim Dillon." Fight may have been a hippodrome.
1886-07-03 Frank Smith 1 1 0
Pavilion, Salt Lake City
Fight to the finish. Smith disqualified for excessive holding and wrestling. Corbett was posing as "Jim Dillon."