2019 New Zealand Boxing Awards

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2019 New Zealand Boxing Awards also known as the Gladrap Awards is the first-ever New Zealand boxing awards created by Benjamin Watt. The event was held on youtube as part of the Gladrap Channel.


Hall of fame


Boxer of the Year

Gym of the Year

​(awarded to the gym who boxers received the most awards)

  • Winner - Mayhem Boxing

Male Boxer of the Year

Female Boxer of the Year

Male Newcomer of the year

  • Winner - Marcus Heywood
  • 1st Marcus Heywood
  • 2nd Xing Loh
  • 3rd Viliami Liavaa
  • 4th Alex Va
  • 5th Said Salem
  • 6th Richie Hadlow
  • 7th Levi Hallett
  • 8th Izic Placid
  • 9th Aryk Whalley
  • 10th Jabe Tyler
  • 11th Raymond Polidario

Female Newcomer of the year

  • Winner - Dianne Beazley & Talia Smith
  • 1st Dianne Beazley & Talia Smith
  • 3rd Laura Woods

Returning Boxer of the year

Amateur Boxer of the year

Trainer of the year

Promoter of the year

New Zealand Fight of the year

International fight of the year

Knockout of the year

  • Winner - Andrei Mikhailovich Knocks out Nick Taylor
  • 1st Andrei Mikhailovich Knocks out Nick Taylor
  • 2nd Cairo George Knocks out Tainui Enua
  • 3rd Geovana Peres stops Claire Hafner
  • 4th Hemi Ahio Knocks out Ali Kiydin
  • 5th Joshua Francis knocks out Alister Boyd & Bowyn Morgan Knocks out Jack Asis
  • 7th Junior Fa knocks out Newfel Ouatah
  • 8th Mose Auimatagi Knocks out Ratu Dawai

Champion of the year

Referee of the year

  • Winner - David Craig
  • 1st David Craig
  • 2nd John Conway
  • 3rd Ina Schuster
  • 4th Andrew Bell

Judge of the year

  • Winner - Benjamin Watt
  • 1st Benjamin Watt
  • 2nd Soraya Sabetian
  • 3rd Ioana Schwalger
  • 4th Ian Scott
  • 5th Darcy Williams

MC of the year

  • Winner - Lt Dan Hennessey
  • 1st Lt Dan Hennessey
  • 2nd Isaac Savage
  • 3rd Dale Husband
  • 4th Mike Angove

Commentator of the year

  • Winner - Benjamin Watt
  • 1st Benjamin Watt
  • 2nd Daniella Smith
  • 3rd Mike Angove
  • 4th Isaac Savage
  • 5th Ina Schuster
  • 6th Kendall Cooper

Non-boxer of the year

  • Winner - Benjamin Watt
  • 1st Benjamin Watt
  • 2nd Calden Jamieson
  • 3rd Joshua Fernandes
  • 4th Michael Clifton

Event of the year

  • Winner - Rapira Boxing 25/05/2019
  • 1st Rapira Boxing 25/05/2019
  • 2nd Shane Cameron 30/08/2019
  • 3rd Rival Sports Promotion 04/10/2019
  • 4th Diamonds in the ring 24/05/2019
  • 5th Peach Boxing 18/05/2019
  • 6th Mike Dawes & Mike King IT Heavy Hitters
  • 7th Nigel Elliot 04/05/2019

Best looking Male Boxer of the year

  • Winner - Nort Beauchamp
  • 1st Nort Beauchamp
  • 2nd Joshua Francis
  • 3rd Bowyn Morgan & Shay Brock
  • 5th Andrei Mikhailovich
  • ​6th David Light

Best looking female boxer of the year

​*3rd Laura Woods

  • 4th Talia Smith
  • 5th Baby Nansen
  • 6th Alrie Meleisea
  • 7th Tessa Tualevao

Worst Cut of the year

  • Winner - Cairo George
  • 1st Cairo George
  • 2nd David Light
  • 3rd Trish Vaka
  • 4th Claire Hafner

Most Entertaining boxer of the Year

  • Winner - Andrei Mikhailovich
  • 1st Andrei Mikhailovich
  • 2nd Cairo George
  • 3rd Julius Long
  • 4th Skope Siaosi
  • 5th Obedi Maguchi