212th Anti-Aircraft Regiment Armory

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Manhattan, NY, USA

  • Columbus Avenue & 62nd Street, Manhattan
  • Believed to have opened as a boxing venue Nov. 11, 1927--New York Times
  • Shows conducted during the late 1920s & 1930s
  • Matchmaker: Max Joss
  • On 1920-05-28, State Attorney General Charles D. Newton ruled, in a decision transmitted to Adjutant General Charles W. Berry of the New York State National Guard, that state armories may be used for boxing. General Berry immediately issued a statement that armories would not be used for professional boxing "at the present time." Later, however, on 1923-04-10, Brigade and Armory Commanders of the 2nd Corps Area (New York National Guard) drafted a resolution in favor of permitting boxing in the armories. (New York Times ). New York State Armories then became popular boxing venues during the 1920s and 1930s. They were beyond the jurisdiction of the New York State Athletic Commission. (As a footnote, many Armory fighters had low kayo numbers; they fought virtually every week, and there was little incentive to stop someone you would just lose as a possible return opponent.)