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Name: Aaron Wade
Alias: Little Tiger Wade
Hometown: San Francisco, California, USA
Birthplace: Trenton, Tennessee, USA
Died: 1985-02-15 (Age:68)
Height: 166cm
Pro Boxer: Record

Managers: Dell Van Liew, Herb Levin and Dolph Thomas

Aaron "Little Tiger" Wade was the first African American golden gloves champion in Peoria, Illinois and reportedly had over 600 amateur fights. He turned professional in 1935 and followed older brother Bruce Wade to California in 1936. Both were known for power, though it was Aaron who was the most successful and the most dangerous. Though he stood a little over 5'5, he fought in three divisions -welterweight, middleweight, and light heavyweight and entered the top-ten after defeating Bert Lytell in 1945.

Springs Toledo uncovered evidence that Wade took a dive in the last bout of his career against Sugar Ray Robinson. After his career ended, Wade descended into alcoholism but later overcame it and devoted his life to helping the less fortunate in the Fillmore section of San Francisco as a Christian minister. Wade died of a heart attack in 1985. He was 68 years old.