Abe Attell

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Abe Attell
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Name: Abe Attell
Alias: The Little Hebrew
Birth Name: Abraham Washington Attell
Hometown: San Francisco, California, USA
Birthplace: San Francisco, California, USA
Died: 1970-02-06 (Age:86)
Height: 163cm
Reach: 168cm
Referee: Record
Pro Boxer: Record


Abe Attell was said to have been born Albert Knochr (more correctly Knoehr), per the Tacoma News Tribune of July 24, 1924. He was the brother of Monte Attell and Caesar Attell, and the uncle of Gilbert Attell.

After his professional boxing career ended, Attell operated a shoe store in New York City, doing a good business selling to customers, fans and sporting people who came in to see him. He gave up the shoe business circa June 1916 to go into vaudeville.

His name was linked to the infamous Black Sox baseball scandal of 1919: [1] [2]. He was alleged to have been the "bag man" for gambler Arnold Rothstein and to have given $10,000 to several Chicago White Sox players. They had in return agreed to throw the World Series with Cincinnati. When the scandal broke in 1920, Attell went to Canada for a year to avoid being subpoenaed.

Attell died at New Paltz, New York.

Amateur Record

The following 16 entries, usually included in Attell's record, have all been proved to be amateur affairs, according to the research of Deepak Nahar in the San Francisco Call. All of these fights occurred in 1900.

  • Aug. 19, Kid Lennett, San Francisco, W ko 2;
  • Aug. 29, Kid Dodson, San Francisco, W ko 2;
  • Aug. 31, Joe O'Leary, San Francisco, W ko 4;
  • Sept 18, Benny Dwyer, San Francisco, W ko 3;
  • Oct. 4, Joe Hill, San Francisco, W ko 4;
  • Oct. 10, Eddie Hanlon, San Francisco, W Points 5;
  • Oct. 19, Dick Cullen, San Francisco, W ko 1;
  • Oct. 25, Lew White, San Francisco, W ko 1;
  • Nov. 2, Jim Barry, San Francisco, W ko 1;
  • Nov. 8, Frank Dell, San Francisco, W ko 3;
  • Nov. 18, Kid O'Neill, San Francisco, W ko 1;
  • Nov. 24, George Brown, San Francisco, W ko 2;
  • Dec. 4, Kid Jones, San Francisco, W ko 1;
  • Dec. 8, Peter Carroll, San Francisco, W ko 2;
  • Dec. 15, Kid Dudley, San Francisco, W ko 1;
  • Dec. 20, Kid Powers, San Francisco, W ko 2.


Abe Hollandersky four 3 round exhibitions, Empire Theatre, New London, May 2-3, 1916 (New London's The Day, May 3, pg. 12, "The Two Abes Put on Lively Sparring Match"). Attell was giving speaking engagements to raise money during his 1916 near retirement from boxing.

Professional record

Championship record

  • 14 opponents (9 by KO) beaten for the World Featherweight Title.
  • 22-?-? (? KOs) in world championship bouts.

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