Acelino Freitas vs. Jorge Rodrigo Barrios

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Acelino Freitas 130 lbs beat Jorge Rodrigo Barrios 129 lbs by TKO at 0:50 in round 12 of 12


- Freitas was hit while off balance for a knockdown 2:36 into round 8.
- Freitas was knocked down by a left-right combination 0:42 in round 11 and spit out his mouthpiece.
- Barrios was knocked down by a huge right hand to the chin as the bell sounded at the end of round 11.
- Barrios was knocked down 0:10 into round 12.
- Barrios fell to his knees 0:44 into round 12. It was not ruled a knockdown, but he wobbled when he stood up, and the referee ended the bout 0:50 into round 12.
- Barrios had a ruptured ear drum after round six. He also had bad cuts around both eyes, and wiped on the referee's shirt toward the end. At the last knockdown in round 12 he was a battered mess. Freitas was unmarked.